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2700 Sq Ft Double Floor Modern Stylish Home Design


If ancient is your vogue, then this reasonable single-storey Kerala house may be designed only for you. Everything regarding it screams tradition, and therefore the lack of recent design is what makes it a fantastic thing about its kind.

The pillars holding the construction along go dead in line with the railings on the porch. The arch and therefore the sloping roof too, depict Kerala traditions well. Even the grills on the windows area unit ancient and old style. nevertheless they effortlessly mix in with the styling of the house.

The plan covers a total area of 1100 square feet. 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, along with a porch, sit-out, living, dining, pantry kitchen and a work area are expected to be put up within this single floor.

But it has a wide open terrace on the roof top. This could be taken as an effort of the architect to help you enjoy the most from your home.

House Details

Ground floor : 1100 sq. ft.

Total Area : 1100 sq. ft.

Bedroom : 3

Bathroom : 3

House comprises of

Porch,Sit Out,Living,Dining,Bedroom,Bathroom,Kitchen,Work Area,

General Details
Total Area : 2700 Square Feet
Total Bedrooms : 4
Type : Double Floor
Style : Contemporary
Construction Cost : 54 Lac’s


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