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Advanced 2567 Sq Ft Double Floor Home Designs

991 Square Feet 2BHK Kerala Low Budget Home Design With Plan
991 Square Feet 2BHK Kerala Low Budget Home Design With Plan

Total area: 991 square feet

1st floor,dining,Bedroom – 2,General toilet,kitchen,Work area

Well, they are shoot the video game ’em loud, children your home, may feel like a Best Buy, I like to raise the volume of the music and television. They young people of tweens and teens when they are not doing the things they can GAB of the above, the small things, in many cases, need to be jumped on a private phone call with (you have your boss there are up to, adorable) entertainment pure joy the other time of the phone, which was found a song and dance for the reason that does not exceed the. In order to keep all of the chatter that is included, architects and home builders are able to perform the double duty as both a playroom and research space, recommends a flexible room adjacent to the living area of ​​the main To do. “Most of the couples to begin the family, to maintain the toys children in their bedroom, but I think I would find a place to study, all of the things, full of the room you wish to keep usually clean,” Salisbury , architect Jason Pierce of Becker Morgan group in Maryland says.

General Details
Total Area : 2567 Square Feet
Total Bedrooms : 4
Type : Double Floor
Style : Contemporary
Client : Majeed
Construction Cost : 50 lac’s

Advanced 2567 Sq Ft Double Floor Home Designs

It is our responsibility to inform you that our designers have sketched out a new plan project “Advanced 2567 Sq Ft Double Floor Home Designs”. It includes 4 bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. This plan is a double floored which makes out a distinctive and unique design and is estimated for about 50 lac’s. Home designing concerns itself with the best visual and ambient enhancement of an interior space which also seeks to optimize and harmonize the relevance to construct out the best environment to put on and improve our lifestyle.
Number of Bedrooms : 4
Bathroom Attached : 3
Living Room
Dining Room
Upper Living
Sit out
Prayer Hall
Car Porch
Work Area


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