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Amazing contemporary home design


Amazing contemporary home design

This contemporary home design plan designed to be built in 1130 square feet(105 Square Meters) . Proposed for Mr. Najeeb,Malappuram. It includes 3 bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. It is estimated for about 15.9 lac’s. The living and dining room are spacious and very well designed, kitchen are really spacious. This plan is designed in a manner for the latest interior designs.
Amazing contemporary home design layout

Ground Floor is designed in 105 Square meter(1130 Sq.Ft)

  • Car porch
  • Sit out
  • Living room
  • Dining hall
  • Bedrooms : 3
  • Toilet attached
  • Common toilet
  • Stair

This plan is designed in a manner for the latest interior designs. This plan is well executed by Mohammed kutty. For further details contact the designer.
Perfect Design
Riyadh – K.S.A
Mail :perfecthomedesignz@gmail.com

If you’re a fan of traditional architecture, then here’s an elevation of a pillar-inspired Kerala elevation that’ll take your breath away. The architect has masterfully captured the beauty of cylindrical pillars throughout both the floors.

These pillars could not only be seen holding the porch and verandah up, but also the fascinating balconies. The best part is that they blend in perfectly with the obvious curvy structure of the house.

Several portions to the front and sides are shaped this way, and the balconies are designed to match well with it. The railings on these balconies are aesthetically appealing as well. They have a pattern that’s similar to the patterns found on the latter layer of the roof.

kerala home design latest

The railings on the verandah, however, are much different from the ones on the balcony. They are made up of wood and have a traditional touch unique to Kerala alone.

The roof is another matter entirely. It shelters not only the first floor, but also certain portions of the ground floor with its sloping style. You’ll also notice some structures on top. They serve to heighten the beauty it adds to the overall design of the house.

Both the storeys cover an area of 3350 square feet with many facilities that’ll sum up to a comfortable living. Some of them include 4 grand bedrooms with 3 attached bathrooms, a beautiful porch that’s almost a part of the house, comfortable living rooms on each floor, expansive dining, modular kitchen with a convenient work area attached, balconies, open courtyard and a promising open terrace.

House Specifications

Total Area   : 3350 sq. ft.
Bedroom     :  4
Bathroom     :  3

Facilities included in the plan

Car Porch
Long Sit Out
Work Area
Open Courtyard
Open Terrace

Can’t help but love this house from all your heart? Then you might surely be interested in more information on the cost and plan.

If so, kindly get in touch with the architect through the contact details provided below.

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