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This beautiful 2-story house plan designed to be built in 1764 square feet(164 Square Meters) . Proposed for Mr. Jafar ,Calicut. It includes 4bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. It is estimated for about 26 lac’s. The living and dining room are spacious and very well designed, kitchen are really spacious. This plan is designed in a manner for the latest interior designs.

Ground Floor is designed in 99 Square meter(1065 Sq.Ft)

  • Porch
  • Sit out
  • Living room
  • Dining Hall
  • Bedrooms : 2
  • Attached toilet
  • Common toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Work area
  • Staircase

First Floor is designed in 65 Square meter(699 Sq.Ft)

  • Balcony
  • Upper living
  • Bedrooms :2
  • Attached toilet : 2

This plan is designed in a manner for the latest interior designs. This plan is well executed by Mohammed kutty. For further details contact the designer.
Perfect Design
Riyadh – K.S.A
Mail :perfecthomedesignz@gmail.com

Not all modern houses can look as stunning as this house. That said, you’ll realize how the elevation alone will urge you to check this house out. It has a tall structure that makes it stand higher than a typical two-storey house and a flat roof on the top to give it a modern finish.

The roof to the right is the only curve found, yet it results in heightening the contemporary overall design. You’ll also notice the unique, rectangular shape of the windows. They go hand in hand with the structure of the buildings.

Both the floors cover an area of 2023 square feet and accommodate 4 bedrooms in the process.



House Elevation Details:

Ground Floor Area : 1459  sq. ft
First Floor            : 564 Sq. Ft.
Total Area           : 2023 sq. ft

Ground Floor

Ground floor plan

Ground floor plan

Walking past a spacious portico and veranda will lead you into the living room which can also be used as a dining room. To its left is a toilet and right is a bedroom with an attached bathroom. Another bedroom is also located on this very floor, and it too has a bathroom attached.

The kitchen, being the heart of the home is welcoming. It has a store, and a spacious work area close by. This will help you keep your pantry kitchen glowing and looking brand new for long.

Additionally, there’s a ladies living adjoining the kitchen, and another toilet that has its entrance from the outside.

First Floor

first floor plan

The first floor occupies only 564 sq.ft. This includes two bedrooms with attached bathrooms and an upper living room.

Has this design caught your undivided attention? Then maybe you should get to know more about it by contacting the architect through information provided below.

Architect Details:

Er.Suhail Nizam.
Marikkar Designers
First floor, IT Trade Centre
Rajiv Gandhi Bypass, Manjeri


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