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Execute An Incredible Kitchen With Low Cost Budget


Total Area : 1990 Square Feet

Ground Floor : 1090 Square Feet

First Floor : 900 Square Feet

Here’s an elevation and plan of a fusion home design with 4 bedrooms. It occupies an area of 1990 square feet. And it looks absolutely gorgeous. Certain portions of the outside walls are designed with a unique blend of different colors that matches with this modern house. The slope and flat roof type home design will giva unique touch for the outside construction.

Here modern decorative type of home design is used to create the construction. The house is well designed for a good exterior view. The interior design of this house will make you wonder in the first sight. A parallel strip is seen through out the external wall color full wall and simple exterior help to highlight he beauty of this house. The house is provisioned with 2 bedrooms in the ground floor and 2 bedrooms in the first floor.

There is an attached and a common bath in first floor and two attached in first floor. It is a double floor building with a beautiful sit out, car porch, specious living room on each floor, prayer area, dining space, kitchen, balcony and an open terrace. The area of ground floor comes 1090 square feet and that of the first floor 900 square feet. The interior is decorated with the nice interior furniture.

People are now in fond of designing kitchen more wisely as most of the clients shows us that the most beautiful section of a home is the establishment of the kitchen. So the question is that “What are the measures that should be taken to reduce the expense for a kitchen as a client?”. One of the factor of the clients is that execution of the kitchen depends upon their dreams.

Execute An Incredible Kitchen With Low Cost Budget

The first measure to reduce the expense of executing kitchen is that to regulate the dimensions of the kitchen according to the clients. If the clients asks for show kitchen, it would be better if the kitchen is open and can reduce the size of the counter top. And also we could reduce the number of the cupboards if in a show kitchen. There is no need to get the kitchen cabinets built with wood as we could use automotive paint on compressed wood instead of using wood entirely. This could reduce more expense and can result much more beauty from the previous look. And there is only need to get it polished again after two or three years. But it could be much difficult to clean if we use matte finish. Using glossy finish would be best in economic profit if we aim in a long run. As a user, clients have enclosed their opinions about the designing of counter top, we found out that there are several types of natural stones that are used for counter tops but from the opinions, it will be much more better if the clients are using black colored granite for the counter top. One of the feature of the granite is that none of the materials could over cross the granite as it is low cost, gives better durability and shows immense defense with water. We should be bothered from filling accessories in the cupboards and rackets as it increases the expense and also reduce the space irregularly. Just plan for arranging the plates and glasses in those rackets as it also shows simplicity in designing the kitchen. You can use the cup boards for the large sized bowls or dishes. Clients must use tiles beyond the stove and sink and we suggest you to use matte finished tiles that helps us to prevent them from rusting and also increase the glossy look. Such tiles could be cleaned very easily. With these all measures, one could wholly reduce the expense of designing and executing kitchen from the exact cost.


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