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Fabulous Contemporary Budget Home Interior Living Design


Total Area : 1094 Square Feet

Location : Koyilandy

Cost : 16-18 Lacks

Designed by:

ARCHLAB – Architects & Engineers

1st floor City Center,

New Bus Stand Approach Road, Koyilandy

☎ Mob : +919048634534

📧 Email : archlabind@gmail.com

📩 Whatsapp : wa.me/919048634534

Ground Floor : 592 Square Feet

Car porch

Sit out

Living room

Dining hall

1 Bedroom


Work area

2 Common toilet

First Floor : 502 Square Feet

Upper living hall

2 Bedroom

1 Common bathroom


If putting a house with one of the latest style imaginable is your dream, then you should totally check this house out. The unique look of the house, which is built on a moderate budget, amazingly complements the structure of the plot. The exterior and interiors adorn shades of elegant white and brown. The external view of the house is different from both sides.

Every people often yet surprised realizing that this specious house is built on such a small plot. The plan aims at making the best use of space to suit the needs of the family in the best and the most cost-efficient way possible. There is a car porch, sit out, living room, dining hall, kitchen, work area, upper living hall, common bathrooms and balcony in this house which has an area of 1094 square feet.

The 2 common bathroom in this house. There is one bedroom on ground floor. Other two bedrooms are on the top most floor as well. There are glass window, on the wall, which welcomes lots of natural light and fresh air into the interiors. The stairway begins from the dining space and the wash area is arranged beneath the stair. This beautiful contemporary home designed by ARCHLAB – Architects & Engineers, Koyilandy.

1094 Sq Ft 3BHK Contemporary Style Two Floor Modern House and Plan


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