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Gorgeous Traditional 3 BHK Kerala Home Design

2023 Square Feet 5BHK Kerala Modern Home Design With Plan
2023 Square Feet 5BHK Kerala Modern Home Design With Plan
2023 Square Feet 5BHK Kerala Modern Home Design With Plan

House details

Floor: 1459 square. Ft.

Room, ladies living, 2 bedrooms, 4 toilet, kitchen work area, shop, veranda, porch living

The first floor: 564 square Fort, 2 bedroom, 2 toilet, upper living room, total area: 2023 square. Fort, Bedrooms: 4, toilet: 6

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General Details
Total Area : 1637 Square Feet
Total Bedrooms : 3
Type : Double Floor
Style : Traditional Style
Construction Cost : 31 Lac’s

Gorgeous Traditional 3 BHK Kerala Home Design

We are in a satisfaction to have notified you that our designers have designed a new design project “Gorgeous Traditional 3 BHK Kerala Home Design” in 1637 Square Feet. All in all the designer introduces this traditional design with a number of 3 bedrooms in a combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. According to the design, the designer specifies the design with a marvellous living and dining which enrich the spacious kitchen to make it more attractive.
Number of Bedrooms : 3
Number of Bathroom Attached : 2
Living Room
Dining Room
Upper Living
Sit out
Fire Kitchen
Car Porch
Work Area
Store Area


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