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Single Floor Low Budget Home Design of 980 Square Feet


Total Area : 1005 Square Feet

Sit out

Living room

Dining area

3 Bedroom

1 Attached bathroom

1 Common bathroom


Store room

Are you in search of a design that’s on a budget ? Here is a good modern house design for you. This 1005 square feet house stands in 5 cents as a fine example of a minimal contemporary style. A combination grey, white and black color in the elevation has lent a unique look to the house. The interiors were designed in the theme of lighter shades. Interiors looked more specious and open as unnecessary walls have avoided between spaces.

The 1005 square feet house has a sit out, living room, dining hall, kitchen, store room, 3 bedrooms with one attached bathroom and one common bathroom. The bedroom has simple designs. All the windows are designed to allow cross ventilation which keeps the temperature inside the house at a pleasant level. The flooring is done with vitrified tiles. The construction os the 1005 square feet house which stands on a 5 cent plot was completed in 6 months.

The cost of construction including interiors and semi furnishing cam to under 20 lacks. The unique design of the house make it easy to maintain. The elevation of the house is designed in the box style to utilize maximum space. The construction of this house is completed Design Pro. This is single storey one. The kitchen is minimalist in design. The elegant storage space are its highlight. Has the elevation of this modern house piqued your interest ? Then don’t hesitate from getting in touch with the architect for more information on the cost and plan.

1005 Sq Ft 3BHK Modern Single-Storey House and Free Plan
1005 Sq Ft 3BHK Modern Single-Storey House and Free Plan

Single Floor Low Budget Home Design of 980 Square Feet

This modern contemporary style plan is designed to be built in 980 square feet. It includes 3 bedrooms with the combination of attached bathrooms and a common bathroom. This plan is a double floored which makes out a distinctive and unique design. It is proved that we are good about interior designing as which it is the total creative solution for the best programmed interior of our homes. Also it provides the best conceptual planning with aesthetic and technical solutions which are applied to achieve the desired result.The living and dining room are very well designed and the kitchen along with work area are really spacious. This plan is designed in a manner for the latest interior designs. This plan is well executed by Sanoop Babu. For further details contact the designer.

A Single Floor Home Design of 980 Square Feet can be finished in 16 Lakhs.
Work Area

Total Area: 980 Sq.ft
Estimated Cost : 16 lakhs



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